This statue from the Luxor Cachette is an representation of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, renowned in Egyptian mythology as the figure of motherhood, beauty, and music. Cnstructed from greywacke, a resilient, dark sedimentary rock, the statue measures approximately 70 cm in height. It depicts Hathor in a seated position, in line with the characteristic positioning of deities in this era of Egyptian art. Hathor's arms can be seen resting in a static position along her body, holding an Ankh cross signifying life.

Hathor is depicted in a form-fitting dress, representing her godly status and elegance. The artisan further decorated her headdress with a sun disk set between cow horns, a specific symbol directly associated with Hathor, denoting her celestial divinity. The facial features are carefully crafted to depict the serenity and beauty associated with Hathor, which includes almond-shaped eyes, a detailed nose, and full lips displaying a tranquil expression.

Despite its antiquity and exposure to underground conditions within the Luxor Cachette, the statue remarkably sustains most of its detailed workmanship, differentiating it from other surviving artifacts of this era. The expertise in stone carving and the precision demonstrated in this piece underlines the evolved proficiency of ancient Egyptian artisans.

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